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Watch Do Re Mi Academy take the ordinary and make it the extraordinary with our Do Re Mi Preschool programs.


Toddler Discovery

Age 18 months by September 1

Toddler Discovery is a play-centered ‘Adventures in Music’ curriculum that will feature learning primarily through music and movement. Children will engage in a variety of creative activities and themes, with age appropriate emphasis on recognizing letters, colors, and shapes.

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Do Re Mi Three's

Age 3 by December 1

Do Re Mi Three’s is a creative and engaging ‘Adventures in Music’ curriculum that will promote learning through music, movement and dramatic play, with an introductory emphasis on academics.  Academic features include recognizing and tracing letters and numbers, recognizing and organizing shapes to create pictures, and understanding simple pathways and associations.

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Do Re Mi Four's

Age 4 by December 1

Do Re Mi Four’s class is a play-centered/academic, Pre-K curriculum with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness skills and musical proficiency. We focus on developing a well-rounded skill set that leads children toward a successful entry to kindergarten, PLUS the bonus of beginning piano instruction!

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Small Group Music Classes

For ages 4 through 14, Do Re Mi Small Group instrumental lessons offer a fun, friendly, and nurturing environment essential to ensuring each young student an enjoyable introduction to instrumental lessons. In addition to learning to play an instrument, lessons include music theory, ear training, ensemble development, musical games and more. The group social dynamic will both captivate and motivate your young student!


Small Group Piano

For ages 4 through 14, Do Re Mi Small Group Piano lessons offer a fun, friendly, and nurturing environment essential to ensuring each young student an enjoyable journey with instrumental lessons.  Each child in our small group music lessons works with their own individual instrument in class. With year-round, weekly 55 minute classes, and two yearly recitals, your child learning the piano with Do Re Mi Academy will be a consistent, effective, and enjoyable experience.

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Small Group Violin

For ages 7 and up, Do Re Mi Small Group Violin lessons offer a fun, friendly, and nurturing environment essential to ensuring each student an enjoyable journey with instrumental lessons.

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Summertime Symphony Day Camps

Keep your curious learner engaged and stimulated this summer with Do Re Mi Academy Day Camps! Our music-immersive specialty camps give your child numerous opportunities for creativity and expression through the wonders of music-making and movement.

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Dear parents,

Thank you for exploring Do Re Mi Academy for your child’s education. We believe in providing an exceptional and engaging experience for every child, whether in our ‘Music Immersion’ Preschool or our Small Group Piano and Violin lessons. Family owned and operated, Do Re Mi Academy has been a trusted educational resource for Eastside families for over 18 years. Music is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re passionate about bringing the joy of musical arts to children ages 18 months – 14 years. This passion stems from a sincere belief in the value that music adds to the development of every child, and the lasting benefits for every family. The gift of music provides immediate cognitive benefits throughout the early childhood development process and then continues to provide poise, confidence, and ENJOYMENT for the entirety of your child’s life.

When you get closer to Do Re Mi Academy, and meet our extraordinary teaching staff, you will see why hundreds of local families have trusted in us for both early education and music instruction. All Do Re Mi programs are focused on age appropriate learning….and are so much more fun and exciting with our unique “Music Immersion” format. Your child’s musical journey can begin at Do Re Mi Preschool, and continue with us into piano or violin instruction. It is our goal to foster a positive, enjoyable and caring environment for your child and we’d be delighted to have a chance to serve as your family’s educational resource for both music instruction and preschool academics. We desire for each student to thrive socially, emotionally and academically and look forward to partnering with each family to help “your child….develop beautifully”!

Nicole Switzer
General Manager

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