Do Re Mi Academy preschool in Renton

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Our ratio for our Threes and Fours program is 6:1 (student to teacher). We have one lead teacher and one assistant. After we exceed 12 students, we will add on a 3rd teacher to create what we call dynamic class sizing. As needed, our teachers will split the class and rotate between rooms.

Our ratio for our Toddlers is 5:1 (5 students to 1 teacher).

No. Our teachers are experienced in changing diapers, pull ups, and assisting children with potty training. We have a changing table at the school, and we are happy to support you in the process of potty training. However, we do ask that each parent bring a Ziploc labeled with the child’s name containing wipes, pull ups/diapers, and a spare change of clothing.

I completely understand that! Our teachers are very experienced and trained in how to deal with separation anxiety, and helping children make the transition into school. We want to do everything we can to help make our students feel comfortable. Although we are a drop-off program, parents are welcome to stay during Explore Time in the beginning of the year to help their child make a successful transition if needed

Unfortunately, no we do not. We have found that when led by a trained instructor, the students learn together in a team setting that builds relationships and teamwork, while also providing individualized instruction as students will learn both solo repertoire as well as ensemble development. The group social dynamic provides a warm, fun atmosphere for learning. It is our goal here at Do Re Mi for students to love music!

Do Re Mi Academy has had many special needs students in all our programs over the years who have flourished and had great success at the Academy!

Yes! We offer a 5% sibling discount which applies to the tuition for your second child. This applies to 2 kids attending preschool, 2 kids attending piano lessons, or 1 kid attending preschool, 1 piano


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