Little Mozarts Music Class

For our youngest students, prior to kindergarten age, Little Mozarts is a program perfect for 4-5 year olds interested in music and learning the piano. Led by a trained instructor, the students journey together through the adventures of learning to play piano with “Mozart Mouse” and “Beethoven Bear.” Students in kindergarten and beyond are taught using methods developed by Do Re Mi instructors through years of experience, to facilitate a rewarding music education in a small group setting.

Small Group Piano and Violin lessons at Do Re Mi Academy are uniquely designed to provide your child a fun and engaging start to their journey learning an instrument.  Piano and violin lessons include music theory, ear training, ensemble development, musical games, and more.  Led by a trained instructor, the students journey together through the adventures of learning to play the piano or violin. The group social dynamic will both captivate and motivate your young student.  Our talented and experienced teachers want to help your child develop a lifelong joy for music!

Our small group format, with classes of 5-6 students, provides key benefits and experiences often missed in a traditional private lesson, such as:

  • Exposure to a wide variety of repertoire.
  • Limitless performance opportunities for students.
  • Development of performance confidence and poise.
  • Encourages critical listening and problem-solving skills.
  • A dynamic learning environment that can challenge students to higher levels of preparation and commitment.
  • Facilitates teamwork with duets, duos, multiple piano ensembles, etc.
  • Prime environment for the study of piano technique.
  • Encourages development of a strong rhythmic sense.
  • Social development: Children make friends and motivate one another.
  • Bonus: Classes are fun and engaging – no boredom here!

In addition to the teacher-student motions and interactions, students interact with one another with constructive feedback and friendly competition. This creates an energizing environment! On-going, positive peer pressure encourages students to practice well at home because they know they’ll be playing in front of each other. Students learn to listen to each other while playing, developing a better sense of rhythm and tempo. Ensemble playing in every class refines a student’s ability to accompany others or play in a band. Students thrive in group learning at school, dance, sports, and band. So why not piano? Group piano is social –students love making music with friends!

Each child in our small group music lessons works with their own individual instrument in class. With year-round, weekly 55 minute classes, and two yearly recitals, your child learning the piano or violin with Do Re Mi Academy will be a consistent, effective, and enjoyable experience.  Classes are formed based on age and instruction level. While many children start our programs as a beginner, we can also place more experienced students in an appropriate class.Small group piano lessons are great for children ages 4-14, while Violin instruction is best for children ages 7 and up.