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Basic policies are outlined on this page.  Upon registration, parents will be asked to read and accept full school policies in order to proceed.  Preschool parents will be provided a parent handbook with detailed information pertinent to the program upon registration and/or prior to the school year start date.


Please note – all tuition payments are processed electronically.  We offer the option to pay by check or card, both via a secure online portal.  No paper checks will be accepted, effective July 2020.

Small Group Classes: Tuition is due by the first of each month. Paid tuition holds a child’s spot in a class. We offer the option to enroll in a secure auto-payment system, or we accept manual monthly payments with a tuition deposit on file. The annual tuition rate is split into equal monthly payments, which cover weekly lessons, piano maintenance, materials, teacher development and administration costs. Tuition does not cover music books.  Tuition is not reduced for missed classes due to vacations or illness.

Preschool:  Yearly tuition is based on 36 weeks of instruction and split into 10 equal monthly installment payments (Sept through June) or can be paid in full for the year. A last month tuition deposit is required at time of enrollment and is applied as the last tuition installment in June. Monthly payments are an equal installment amount, regardless of number of instruction weeks/days in a month, as each payment is applied toward the yearly tuition balance.  Breaks and non-instruction days are outlined in the school year calendar. We prorate for late starts and offer sibling discounts. Please contact us for current tuition information.

A tuition deposit is paid upon enrollment, which is non-refundable and pays for the last month of instruction.  We offer the option to enroll in a secure auto-payment system or we accept manual monthly payments by check or card through a secure online portal. Tuition is not reduced for missed classes due to vacations or illness.

Sibling Discount:‐ We offer a discount of 5% per child when siblings are enrolled in any program.  Discount is valid during active enrollment and attendance.

Friends & Family Referral Credit:‐ Qualify for a $20 credit by referring friends, family or co‐ workers. The referral credit is applied to your tuition after your referral has been enrolled.  Referral credits are eligible year‐round.  Referring family name must appear on the registration to be eligible for credit.


Small Group Classes: Do Re Mi Academy has multiple teachers that use our space. We value our teacher’s time and are unable to offer makeups for missed lessons, unless a similar class has available time and space. If your teacher needs to cancel a class, Do Re Mi Academy will either provide a substitute teacher reschedule at a convenient and available time.  Excessive cancellations due to inclement weather will be rescheduled if time is available in the studio schedule.

Preschool:  Please notify your child’s teacher if they will miss school due to illness or vacation, so that teachers can be aware. Tuition is not reduced if classes are missed due to illness or vacation.  Classes cancelled by Do Re Mi Academy (non-weather related) will be rescheduled as a make-up at a time available in the Academy schedule, such as at the end of the school year.  If weather events create closures, we will schedule make-ups when weather creates a recurring effect on classes and based on Academy schedule and teacher availability.

Weather related cancellations: We follow the Renton School District for all weather related closures.  If the District is on a delayed start, our morning preschool classes will be cancelled.  If the District closes for the day, all classes including small group will be cancelled. We will do our best to communicate delays and closures as soon as possible by text, email, and on Facebook.  You can also reference the Renton School District website and news tickers.  We may occasionally make a different decision than the District, but will always communicate.  Make-up classes may be scheduled with excessive closures, subject to schedule availability.


Paid tuition holds a child’s spot in a class.  Do Re Mi Academy’s withdrawal process allows for a reasonable amount of time to fill a vacant seat by requiring a minimum of 30 days written notice. There will always be one final invoice following your notice to withdrawal. This last invoice will be paid with your previously paid tuition deposit made at time of enrollment, if applicable.  All fees must be paid up to the 30 days after the day the notice is given.

Tuition is not reduced for missed classes due to illness or vacation.  If your child wishes to return to school after a long‐term absence, and you do not wish to pay tuition while absent, you may risk losing your space.

Withdrawals and schedule changes must be submitted in writing to our Accounts Manager at  Our teachers do not handle scheduling or billing, and changes will not be processed via a verbal conversation with a teacher.  For all withdrawals or schedule changes, please email Adriana at