Do-Re-Mi Academy Parents Page

Tuition: Tuition is due by the first of each month. We offer the option to enroll in a secure auto-payment system, or we accept manual monthly payments with a tuition deposit on file. The annual tuition rate is split into equal monthly payments, which cover weekly lessons, piano maintenance, materials, teacher development and administration costs. Tuition does not cover music books.

Missed classes: Do Re Mi Academy has multiple teachers that use our space. We value our teacher’s time and are unable to offer makeups for missed lessons, unless a similar class has available time and space. If your teacher needs to cancel a class, Do Re Mi Academy will either provide a substitute teacher reschedule at a convenient and available time.

Withdrawal Policy All Programs: Do Re Mi Academy’s withdrawal process allows for a reasonable amount of time to fill a vacant seat by requiring a minimum of 30 days written notice. There will always be one final invoice following your notice to withdrawal. This last invoice will be paid with your previously paid tuition deposit made at time of enrollment, if applicable. Tuition is not reduced for missed classes due to illness or vacation. For all withdrawals or schedule changes, please email Adriana at