Summer Camps

“Summertime Symphony” Musical Day Camps

Ages 3-7 Keep your curious learner engaged and stimulated this summer with Do Re Mi Academy Day Camps! Our music-immersive specialty camps give your child numerous opportunities for creativity and expression through the wonders of music-making and movement.

$295 for 1 week or $280.25/week with multi-week enrollment. Reserve your spot →

Summertime Symphony 2023 Camp Themes and Dates:

Weekly themed camps are Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 12:00 pm

Grab your sunglasses and towels!

We’re splashing into summer fun with Splish-Splash camp! We will build sand castles, sing about fish and other sea creatures, travel to an octopus’s garden, and dance with bubbles, all while promoting cognitive, physical, language, social, emotional and musical development.

Welcome to Camp Do Re Mi, where music and friendship ignite by the campfire. Campers are transported to the great outdoors with authentic camp songs and opportunities to earn badges for music, dancing, kindness, and more! Campers will create their own guitars, build their own indoor tent-structures and pretend campfires, read camp stories, and experience the joy of singing and dancing together. Hike on in to the musical adventures of camping!

Hop on a horse and gallop to the barnyard for some farm-time fun! With lots to do around the farm, we will explore animals, farmyard songs, sounds, games, and more! Through vocal play, gross motor activities, and social exploration, little farmers will learn and grow. Campers will plant their own seed to take home as they learn about life on the farm.

With a passport in hand and a map on the wall, your little explorer will embark on a multicultural adventure around the world through music. Discover the musical traditions of England, Ireland, Africa, Asia, and North America. Each new place offers traditional songs, dances, storybooks, and instruments for young globetrotters to investigate while developing their curiosity and inquisition. Campers will earn a passport stamp with each new territory, and create their own crafts inspired by the countries we visit each day.

Stomp back in time to the pre-historic era to sing and dance with the dinosaurs! Your little paleontologist will sing, play instruments, and create projects that focus on these incredible creatures. We will hatch our own dinosaur eggs, create our own fossils, and learn dinosaur ditties. This camp inspires a love of learning and encourages the development of music, literacy, social, and motor skills.

Spend a magical week in the enchanted world of imagination and wonder! With plenty of time to create and imagine, this camp is a musical adventure through all things pretend. Swim with mermaids, dance with the unicorns, fly with friendly dragons, and become a magical super-hero! Through story-telling, dramatic-play, music, and movement, your little ones are encouraged to explore with make-believe.

Ahoy Matey! Join Do Re Mi Academy as we set sail on a musical voyage across the deep blue sea. Learn the songs of pirates and sailors as we spend 5 days exploring life on a ship through music. We will play instruments, search for buried treasure, create our own gold doubloons and pirate gear, and make friends! Your pirates and sailors will hone their language, music, gross motor, and social skills, which are important for the development of every young buccaneer. Climb aboard the Do Re Mi ship and get ready to set sail!

Travel to the stars and back as a singing and dancing space explorer! Get ready to blast off into outer space as we sing about the moon and planets on an interstellar adventure. Your little astronaut will have out-of-this world adventures with music, activities, and games that ignite curiosity and encourage musical development. Campers will join an outer space band, craft their own telescopes and alien play dough, and learn about the instruments that have been played by astronauts in orbit!

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