Violin Lessons in Renton

Violin Lesson in Renton

For ages 7 and up

Our small group format violin lessons in Renton, with classes of 5-6 students, provides key benefits and experiences often missed in a traditional private lesson, such as:

🎶   Limitless performance opportunities for students.

🎶   Development of performance confidence and poise.

🎶   Encourages critical listening and problem-solving skills.

🎶  A dynamic learning environment that can challenge students to higher levels of preparation and commitment.

🎶  Facilitates teamwork with duets, duos, multiple piano ensembles, etc.

🎶  Prime environment for the study of piano technique.

🎶  Social development: Children make friends and motivate one another.

Violin Lessons in Renton Schedule Information


A year-round program, there are 47 classes held over a calendar year. Classes are once a week for 55 minutes.

Many Classes

Classes are continually being formed based on age, piano level, and availability.


Tuition is a yearly amount split into equal monthly payments. Lesson books are a separate fee. Paid tuition holds a student’s spot in a class.

No Commitment

No membership fees or contracts required. We do have a 30-day withdrawal policy.


Non-beginners entering the studio for the first time can demonstrate his/her level and then be placed into the appropriate class.


Two fun recitals are planned each year – one at the Academy in the winter, and big stage production at a local theater in the spring.


We want your child’s musical education to be a rewarding experience! If you are unsure whether or not your child will enjoy a specific instrument or lessons in general, we encourage a minimum 1-month trial period. Starting any new physical movement takes repetition and practice. The learning curve is steep in the first few weeks, therefore in order to get a clear picture of whether you have made the right choice, at least 8 consecutive weeks of lessons is advised. However, if you choose to withdraw for any reason after the first month, we will refund your paid tuition. The materials fee for books cannot be refunded.

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